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Dear Reader,

Do you know that there are 6,666 Verses in Quran? Do you know that you only need to read 18 verses daily to complete Quran in one year and it only takes an average of two and a half minute of your day. While we spend a lot of time today reading books, messages and social media, many of us find it really challenging to read Quran on daily basis or in one sitting. Connect2Quran app lets you to connect to Quran daily starting with minimum of 5 Ayats per day which takes less than a minute. This mobile based app allows you to read it anywhere or any time of the day.

Connect to Quran App

Connect2Quran is not a Regular Quran Reading App. While there are many other apps available that lets you read Quran on the go, this app helps you maintain a daily connection with Quran by making you Read minimum of 5 Ayats Daily with the help of Reminder Notifications.